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Virtual Training Basics, 2nd Edition

Book Description

It’s a digital world; is your training up to speed? Build your virtual training skills with this new edition of Virtual Training Basics by Cindy Huggett. You don’t have to be a tech wizard to follow her tested and proven techniques for enhancing your virtual training design and delivery. E-learning has been around since the late 90s, but it continually evolves. Sometimes, it may seem impossible to keep up—but your learners need courses that they can take anywhere, organizations need to save money and time on travel, and everyone expects your material to be as current as possible. Take it back to the basics. Virtual Training Basics will get you started with the fundamentals of virtual training, and then build you up through design and facilitation, with updated material and two new chapters to cover the latest breakthroughs and skills you need to know. In this book, you will: · Get tips from a variety of seasoned virtual trainers. · Gain insight into the differences (and similarities) between facilitating in-person training and virtual training. · Understand the fundamentals of virtual training design. Whether you’re new to virtual training or looking for ways to update your existing skills, Virtual Training Basics, 2nd edition, will take you there.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright
  4. Contents
  5. About the Training Basics Series
  6. Foreword
  7. Foreword to the First Edition
  8. Preface
  9. 1. What Is Virtual Training?
    1. Starting With the Basics
    2. Moving From Traditional to Virtual Training
    3. What Virtual Training Looks Like
    4. Is Going Virtual the Right Solution?
    5. Getting It Done
  10. 2. Virtual Training Is Still Training
    1. Comparison Between Virtual and Face-to-Face Training
    2. Training Skills Virtual Trainers Use
    3. Getting It Done
  11. 3. Learn About Technology
    1. The Basics of Hardware and Software
    2. Files and Folders
    3. The Internet
    4. Telephony
    5. Learn More About Technology
    6. Getting It Done
  12. 4. Master Virtual Classroom Software Programs
    1. Selecting a Virtual Solution
    2. Comparing Virtual Classroom Software Programs
    3. Tips for Learning a Virtual Classroom Software Program
    4. Virtual Class Logistics
    5. Common Features of a Virtual Classroom Software Program
    6. Getting It Done
  13. 5. Prepare Your Workspace
    1. Preparing Your Virtual Classroom
    2. Computer, Internet, and Telephone Considerations
    3. Setting Up for Success
    4. Getting It Done
  14. 6. Get Really Good at Multitasking
    1. The Connection Between Speed and Multitasking
    2. How to Multitask
    3. Getting It Done
  15. 7. Harness Your Voice
    1. Overcoming Voice Challenges
    2. Getting It Done
  16. 8. Engage Participants
    1. Effectively Engaging Participants
    2. Getting It Done
  17. 9. Practice, Practice, Practice
    1. Practice Makes Perfect
    2. General Practice
    3. Getting Feedback
    4. Dress Rehearsals
    5. Activities That Require Extra or Special Practice
    6. Getting It Done
  18. 10. Know What to Do When Everything Goes Wrong
    1. Prepare to Prevent Problems
    2. Stay Calm
    3. Manage the Situation
    4. Getting It Done
  19. 11. Design Interactive Programs
    1. Define the Session Type
    2. Review the Learning Objectives
    3. Set the Stage for Interaction
    4. Select Activities for Maximum Involvement
    5. Close With a Call to Action
    6. Create Materials for Facilitators, Producers, and Participants
    7. Getting It Done
  20. 12. Present With Polish
    1. Set the Stage
    2. Start on Time
    3. Sound Confident
    4. Script Parts of the Delivery
    5. Seamlessly Transition
    6. Share Your Webcam
    7. Show Your Style
    8. Getting It Done
  21. Glossary of Virtual Training Terms
  22. References
  23. Additional Resources
  24. Trademark Attributions
  25. About the Author
  26. Back Cover