Chapter 17. Ten Great Resources on Virtualization

In This Chapter

  • Looking for free stuff

  • Checking out virtualization content on the Web

  • Reading virtualization newsletters

  • Doing the virtualization blog thing

  • Don't forget the hardware

  • Checking out the grapevine

  • Hitting the road

  • Milking your vendors for all they've got

  • Next stop: Storageville!

  • Discovering your very own dedicated virtualization site

Well, you have your copy of Virtualization For Dummies, but you feel that you need to keep up with the latest news; after all, it's a fast‐changing field with new developments all the time. Where can you go for more great information about virtualization?

Maybe your concern is more practical. You want to know how you can get some hands‐on experience with virtualization — but you don't want to spend a ton of money? What can you do?

The answer to your questions is right here in this chapter.

Here are ten great resources on virtualization. You can take advantage of them to hone your skills and keep your knowledge up to date.

Get Free Virtualization Software

One of the really great things about virtualization's ever‐growing popularity is that you're now at a time and place where you can take advantage of the structural changes in the software industry. Five or ten years ago, to begin using a new type of software, you'd have to buy a copy — and that copy would be expensive enough to dissuade you from buying one just to “experiment.”

Today, however, the picture is completely different. Thanks to the assault of ...

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