Chapter 3

The scenarios

Scenario 1 Miles’ library – annotated

Doug Johnson

7:00 AM

‘Miles … Miles, honey, time to get up,’ the librarian’s voice whispered softly in the still dark bedroom. Miles, a senior in the graduating high school class of 20251 slowly came awake.

‘OK, OK, I’m awake, Marian. Schedule, please,’ Miles requested using the auditory interface to his school library portal,2 accessed through a small device on his nightstand.

‘You are meeting with your ecological science team F2F in Learning Space 17, Main Library at 8:45. Carlotta will be fifteen minutes late. You’ve registered for ‘Advanced Semantic Web Searching’ with Head Librarian Baxter from 9:30-11:00 in Seminar Room B of the Main Library. Your IEP 3 Advisor, Dr Li, wants ...

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