Appendix I. Visual Basic Power Packs

Power Packs are objects and tools that can make programming easier and more productive. This appendix describes the Visual Basic 2005 Power Packs available from Microsoft.

It also briefly describes some older Visual Basic 2003 Power Packs that were available from the GotDotNet web site. Although these were written in Visual Basic 2003, they may still be useful, at least as inspiration for tools you may want to build.

Finally, this appendix explains where you can find the Power Toys Pack Installer, a tool that lets you view, download, and install the latest Power Toys for Visual Studio.

Microsoft Power Packs

Currently, the Microsoft Power Packs home page ( includes three tools. These are compatibility tools that make upgrading from Visual Basic 6 to Visual Basic .NET easier.

Instead of going directly to the Power Packs home page, you may want to start at the Visual Basic Developer Center ( It should always contain a link to the latest Power Packs home page.

To further confuse the issue, this page includes a link to Microsoft Visual Basic Power Packs 2.0, a single package that includes these three tools plus new Line, OvalShape, and RectangleShape controls that make drawing simple shapes easier in Windows Forms applications (WPF forms already have Line, Ellipse, Rectangle, Polygon, Polyline, and other shape controls).

In addition to links to these tools, this page includes a link to ...

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