28. Walking the Talk: Making a Website That Reflects the Principles Fundamental to Your Business


When your firm consists of innovation experts whose goal is to get client organizations to think differently and achieve creative breakthroughs, a dry and drab website does not aid your marketing efforts. A website should reflect the principles by which the business operates. You have to convey at a glance that you understand creativity and use it in your own business. That's why EdgeDweller turned to Citizen Studio to turn its website into something unique and unexpected. To draw the right kind of clients, the company had to express, through word and design, what it was capable of doing.


“EdgeDweller is all about challenging the norm and finding innovation in business,” explained Linda Doherty of Citizen Studio.

The design team wanted to create imagery that was secondary and complementary to the copy on the site, which was, in Doherty's mind, spot on to the audience of C-level executives looking for a company to help take them to a new level through creative exploration.

Why It Works

The colors—shades of burnt reds, spring greens, and lemon yellows—are more reminiscent of a summer dress than a professional consulting website. The typical consulting website is blue, filled with images ...

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