35. Bringing the Topic of Skin Care to a Head: Messaging to Teens with a Clean Peppy Web Design


Marketing skin care products to teens can be as scary as a pre-prom zit. After all, the only people they listen to are other teens. That's the strategy Clean Start took in marketing its skin care line, a sub-brand of Dermalogica. Key is a bright and peppy Web look against a clean white background, provided by Hello Design.

Clean Start brought in the experts: five teenage girls dubbed the Smart Mouth Girls. The idea is that they share their skin care stories and their personalities through videos, social media, and blog posts and then other teens will respond and interact in Clean Start's community.

Why It Works

Teens don't want to be sold skin care products from adults. After all, adults just don't get it! But using the genuine voices of actual teens—not actors—gives this concept real teeth.

The website also offers practical advice on skin care, so the site becomes bigger than just e-commerce; it becomes a resource of information for teens looking to improve their skin. The clean look of the site reinforces the message that keeping skin clean and caring for your skin are important.

Success Metrics

  • Since Clean Start's launch, visitor traffic increased 86 percent year over year and is steadily increasing.
  • The more than 2,000 engaged fans that make up its active social media base constantly ...

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