98. Making Saving Look Good: Delivering Vouchers and Coupons That People Want to Save


In a global recession, how do you make more sales? In the United Kingdom, the answer's the same as in the United States: through coupons. British-based Trap Media wanted to create a voucher book targeting the educational sector, but it had to be something visually appealing that people would hang on to and use. ActuallyWeDo Design stepped in to design an appealing booklet of coupons aimed at educational institution decision makers. The result: a colorful book with images of active people popping off each page.


Why It Works

We've all received coupons in the mail, and we rarely give them a second glance. With Trap Media's booklet, each coupon begs the reader to pay attention to it, with young, happy people jumping, performing martial arts, or dancing for attention.

People, no matter where they live, like to save money. So the careful placement of “£1200 in vouchers free inside” is strategic enough to get the attention of anyone who picks the book up. And the claim isn't bogus: There are freebies and discounts that are actually attractive, which isn't always the case with coupons.

The fact that the images bleed outside the boundaries of the coupons also lends to its appeal. Many coupons are text-only ...

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