About the Authors

Terry Quatrani is the UML Evangelist at IBM Corporation. Terry travels the world preaching the visual modeling gospel according to Grady Booch, Jim Rumbaugh, and Ivar Jacobson. She is the coauthor of the book Succeeding with the Booch and OMT Methods (1996) and the author of the best-selling books Visual Modeling with Rational Rose and UML (1998), Visual Modeling with Rational Rose 2000 and UML (2000), and Visual Modeling with Rational Rose 2002 and UML (2003), all from Addison-Wesley.

Prior to working for IBM, Terry was employed by Rational Software Corporation, where she was the UML Evangelist, and General Electric Company, where she was a founding member of the GE Advanced Concepts Center as well as a programmer and analyst. ...

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