Chapter 10Classification of Cells

This case study relies heavily on features available only in JMP Pro.

Cellularplex is a small cell phone provider anxious to attract new customers. Jeremy Halls, the director of marketing, faces the challenge of running targeted and well-timed marketing campaigns. To that end, he wants to explore the value of predictive analytics, namely, the use of modeling techniques to predict future trends and behavior. You are a statistical analyst with prior experience in both marketing and medical research. Jeremy enlists your help in developing strong marketing programs that will expand Cellularplex's customer base.

A test campaign aimed at identifying new customers who would take advantage of a specific offer is being launched. The data collected will allow the marketing group to explore the impact of a large number of demographic characteristics, as well as how the offer was made, on the response rate. The key response is the category into which a respondent falls, and there are four possible outcomes: an inquiry about the offer, the purchase of the promoted offer, the purchase of a different offer, or a rejection of the offer. The information from this test campaign will be used to shape a large-scale drive to attract new customers.

The test campaign duration is set to three months. During this time, you start learning about JMP Pro, focusing on its powerful visualization and modeling capabilities. Because you will need to be ready to analyze the ...

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