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Visual Studio 2015 Solutions - Part 1

Video Description

Build practical application and web development projects using .NET

About This Video

  • Get to grips with all the new Visual Studio 2015 features regardless of your preferred programming language

  • Apply Visual Studio to all areas of development: writing, debugging, and application lifecycle maintenance

  • Get straightforward and hands-on advice to build both Windows and Android apps

  • In Detail

    Visual Studio 2015 is the premier tool for developers targeting the Microsoft platform. Learning how to effectively use this technology can enhance your productivity while simplifying your most common tasks, allowing you more time to focus on your project.

    We will start with Exploring Visual Studio 2015, which deals with the tour of the new features found in the editor itself. Next we will look at Getting Started with Universal Windows Platform Apps, which examines the development process for UWP apps for Windows 10 powered systems. Later will see Web Development, here it covers several areas of web development and how VS2015 can assist you. After that we will see .NET Framework Development that focuses on developing applications that run on .NET. Finally we will be Debugging your .NET Application; here we will look at various ways to debug your .NET-based code.

    VS2015 is packed with improvements that increase productivity, and this video walks you through each one in succession to help you smooth your workflow and become more accomplished. From customization and the interface to code snippets and debugging, the Visual Studio upgrade expands your options—and this video is your fast-track guide to getting on board quickly.

    Table of Contents

    1. Chapter 1 : Exploring Visual Studio 2015
      1. The Course Overview 00:05:40
      2. Synchronizing Settings 00:06:03
      3. Touring the VS2015 IDE 00:08:31
      4. Managing the Editor Windows 00:09:03
      5. Finding Visual Studio Commands 00:03:12
      6. Searching and Navigating 00:04:25
      7. Navigating in Depth 00:05:52
    2. Chapter 2 : Getting Started with Universal Windows Platform Apps
      1. Enabling UWP App Development on 00:04:34
      2. Creating a UWP App 00:08:17
      3. Customizing Your UWP App 00:08:26
      4. Using the UWP App Simulator 00:11:19
      5. Defining Capabilities and Contracts 00:10:29
      6. Analyzing Your App's Performance 00:04:53
      7. Packaging Your UWP App 00:05:45
      8. Validating Your Windows Store App 00:04:19
      9. Submitting Your App to the Windows Store 00:06:31
      10. Distributing Your UWP App Through 00:05:53
    3. Chapter 3 : Web Development
      1. Getting started with a Bootstrap-Based SPA 00:07:03
      2. Making the Most of Browser Link 00:04:50
      3. Adding Bundling and Minification to JavaScript and CSS Files 00:06:29
      4. Managing Packages with NuGet 00:09:46
      5. Fortifying JavaScript Applications with TypeScript 00:06:19
      6. Using Visual Studio for Node.js Development 00:09:33
    4. Chapter 4 : .NET Framework Development
      1. Creating a Task-Based WCF Service 00:07:17
      2. Unit Testing .NET Applications 00:11:23
      3. Sharing Class Libraries Across Different Runtimes 00:08:02
      4. Detecting Duplicate Code 00:04:37
      5. Exploring C# Through the Immediate Window 00:06:50
    5. Chapter 5 : Debugging Your .NET Application
      1. Putting Diagnostic Tools to Work 00:09:06
      2. Maximizing Everyday Debugging 00:06:20
      3. Debugging on Remote Machines and Tablets App 00:17:36
      4. Debugging Parallel Code 00:06:18
      5. Visualizing Concurrency 00:06:18