FIGURE 1-1: Hierarchy in the Word object model 7

FIGURE 1-2: Hierarchy in the Excel object model 8

FIGURE 1-3: Installing the Office 2007 PIAs 41

FIGURE 1-4: Adding a reference to a project 43

FIGURE 1-5: The Add Reference dialog box 43

FIGURE 2-1: Creating a console application from the New Project dialog box 61

FIGURE 2-2: The Console application project WordWiki shown in Solution Explorer 62

FIGURE 2-3: Adding a reference to the Microsoft Word 2007 PIA 62

FIGURE 2-4: When you add the Word 2007 PIA, dependent PIA references are automatically added to the project 63

FIGURE 2-5: Creating a new Outlook add-in project 71

FIGURE 2-6: The Outlook add-in project in Solution Explorer 71

FIGURE 2-7: Using the New Project dialog box to create ...

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