17 Dynamic Intrinsic Chip ID for Hardware Security

Toshiaki Kirihata and Sami Rosenblatt


17.1 Introduction

17.2 Intrinsic Chip ID

17.3 High-Performance Embedded–Dynamic Random Access Memory

17.4 Retention-Based Intrinsic Chip ID

17.5 Dynamic Intrinsic Chip ID

17.6 Dynamic Intrinsic Chip ID Hardware Authentication

17.7 Field-Tolerant Intrinsic Chip ID

17.8 Field-Tolerant Hardware Authentication

17.9 Security and Authentication Enhancement for Intrinsic Chip ID

17.10 Summary


17.1 Introduction

Rapid progress in science and technology has brought great convenience for business and personal life alike. In particular, evolutionary advancements in nanoscale semiconductor technology [1], while improving performance, are key contributors ...

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