PCoIP network fundamentals

In order to understand how to size a network for PCoIP session delivery, it's important to know some of the key configurations and concepts of PCoIP. For example, the PCoIP protocol adds minimal overhead, with just 85 bytes of overhead in a standard 1,500 byte Ethernet packet.

For a PCoIP session to be established, a PCoIP-capable client must reside on the end device, and the destination must be a PCoIP-capable host.

PCoIP-capable clients include the following:

  • VMware View Client for 32/64-bit Windows
  • VMware View Client for Linux
  • VMware View Client for Mac
  • VMware View Client for Apple iPad
  • VMware View Client for Android
  • Thin and zero clients

PCoIP-capable hosts include the following:

  • A Windows-based desktop operating system running ...

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