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VMware Horizon View Essentials

Book Description

Successfully design, install, and configure an end-to-end VDI infrastructure with VMware Horizon View

In Detail

Our journey with VMware Horizon View 6.0 begins with taking a look at how the technology came about and the benefits it can deliver to an organization. We then start shaping an infrastructure through all the key project stages from assessment to pilot and then to production deployment. Moving forward, with the help of scenario-based examples, we will demonstrate how to approach the design phase.

Once we have our design in place, armed with the information we gathered in the beginning phases, we will install and configure the key components such as the Connection Server, security server, replica server, and View Composer. With the infrastructure ready, we will concentrate on building and optimizing the virtual desktop machines before we start assigning our users to fine-tune it for the best end user experience. This book will help you build high performance remote desktops while empowering them to reduce the need for constant support and maintenance costs.

What You Will Learn

  • Understand the key Horizon View 6.0 components and architecture, how they work, and where their roles fit in the overall infrastructure
  • Approach a VDI project from the assessment phase through to POC, pilot, and deploying a production environment
  • Design a Horizon View 6.0 infrastructure through hints, tips, and best practice advice
  • Drive the management console to manage your environment and perform day-to-day administration tasks
  • Enhance user experience while allowing users to access the environment in a way they want, when they want, and from a device or location of their choice
  • Optimize the performance of desktop services and applications through greater visibility across a desktop environment

Table of Contents

  1. VMware Horizon View Essentials
    1. Table of Contents
    2. VMware Horizon View Essentials
    3. Credits
    4. About the Author
    5. About the Reviewers
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    7. Preface
      1. What this book covers
      2. What you need for this book
      3. Who this book is for
      4. Conventions
      5. Reader feedback
      6. Customer support
        1. Errata
        2. Piracy
        3. Questions
    8. 1. Introducing VDI and VMware Horizon 6.0
      1. What is virtual desktop infrastructure?
        1. How does a user connect to their desktop?
        2. Why VDI desktops are different from physical desktops
      2. Server-based computing and VDI
        1. Delivering published applications with SBC
        2. Delivering published desktops with SBC
        3. VDI, published applications, or desktop sessions?
      3. The benefits of deploying a VDI solution
      4. The VMware VDI story
      5. An introduction to VMware Horizon 6
      6. VMware Horizon 6 editions
        1. Horizon View Standard Edition
        2. Horizon Advanced Edition
        3. Horizon Enterprise Edition
      7. Summary
    9. 2. Horizon View 6.0 Architectural and Feature Overview
      1. The Horizon View core components
        1. A high-level architecture overview
        2. The Horizon View Connection Server
          1. How does it work?
      2. The Horizon View security server
        1. How does it work?
      3. The Horizon View replica server
        1. How does it work?
      4. Horizon View Composer and linked clones
        1. Introducing the clone technology in Horizon View
          1. Full clones
          2. Linked clones
            1. How do linked clones work?
        2. What does View Composer build?
          1. The linked-clone disk
          2. The persistent disk or user data disk
          3. The disposable disk
          4. The internal disk
        3. The linked-clone process
        4. The linked-clone features and functions
          1. The recompose operation
          2. The refresh operation
          3. The rebalance operation
      5. View Persona Management
        1. Do we need to manage user profiles differently?
        2. The benefits of using View Persona Management
        3. Printing from a Horizon View Virtual Desktop
      6. Managing USB devices in a virtual desktop
        1. USB device support in Horizon View
        2. Filtering supported USB devices
        3. Managing multifunction USB devices
      7. ThinApp application virtualization
        1. What is ThinApp application virtualization?
      8. Antivirus for virtual desktop machines
        1. The VMware vShield Endpoint architecture
      9. The PCoIP protocol – delivering the desktop experience
        1. An introduction to PCoIP
          1. Other protocols – Remote Desktop Protocol
        2. What are the key differences between PCoIP and RDP?
      10. Hardware-accelerated graphics in Horizon View
        1. Virtual Shared Graphics Acceleration
        2. Virtual Dedicated Graphics Acceleration
      11. Unified communications support
        1. Support for Microsoft Lync 2013
      12. Real-Time Audio-Video
        1. The issue
          1. How does RTAV fix this issue?
      13. Horizon View Clients
      14. The Horizon View Standard Edition licensing
      15. Summary
    10. 3. Designing and Building a Horizon View 6.0 Infrastructure
      1. Proving the technology – from PoC to production
        1. Assessment
        2. Defining the success criteria
        3. Proving the technology
          1. Proof of concept
          2. Proof of technology
          3. Pilot
        4. The pilot phase
          1. Phase 1 – pilot design
          2. Phase 2 – pilot deployment
          3. Phase 3 – pilot test
          4. Phase 4 – pilot review
      2. Designing a Horizon 6.0 architecture
        1. The pod and block reference architecture
        2. The Cloud Pod Architecture
      3. Sizing the infrastructure
        1. Management servers
          1. ESXi host servers
          2. The View Connection Server
          3. The View replica server
          4. The View security server
          5. The View Composer
          6. vCenter Servers
        2. Sizing the desktop host servers
          1. CPU sizing considerations
            1. Light user
            2. Medium user
            3. Heavy user
          2. Memory sizing considerations
          3. Networking considerations
          4. Storage
          5. Delivering high-end graphics
            1. Virtual shared graphics acceleration considerations
              1. vSGA Supported Configurations
              2. How many virtual desktops are supported with vSGA?
            2. Virtual dedicated graphics acceleration considerations
              1. vDGA supported configurations
              2. How many virtual desktops are supported with vDGA?
        3. Sizing the virtual desktop machines
          1. Pool design
          2. User assignments – dedicated or floating desktops?
      4. Choosing the right client device
      5. An example design exercise
        1. User requirements
        2. The pool design
        3. Sizing the desktop blocks
        4. Sizing the storage requirements
        5. Sizing the management blocks
        6. The network requirements
      6. Summary
    11. 4. Installing Horizon View 6.0
      1. Preparing for the installation
        1. Welcome to our lab environment
          1. What you need for the example lab
        2. Downloading the software
      2. SSL certificates for Horizon View
        1. Setting up a Root CA server
          1. Adding the Root CA role
        2. Installing a certificate on the connection server
      3. Installing the Horizon View Connection Server
        1. The minimum requirements of a connection server
          1. Hardware requirements
          2. Software requirements – supported operating systems
        2. The installation process
      4. Installing the View security server
      5. Installing the View replica server
      6. Installing View Composer
      7. Post-installation configuration tasks of the connection server
        1. Installing the certificate after the connection server installation
        2. Licensing Horizon View
        3. Adding vCenter Server and View Composer
        4. View events database
      8. Summary
    12. 5. A Guided Tour of the Horizon View Administrator Console
      1. What is Horizon View Administrator?
      2. Horizon View Administrator console UI
        1. Dashboard
          1. System Health
          2. Machine Status
          3. Datastores
        2. Inventory
          1. Users and Groups
          2. Catalog
          3. Resources
          4. Monitoring
            1. View events monitoring
            2. View session monitoring
          5. Global Policies
          6. View Configuration
            1. Global Settings
            2. Administrators
            3. Event Configuration
      3. Summary
    13. 6. Building and Optimizing Virtual Desktop Machine OS Images
      1. Creating the virtual desktop machine
        1. Creating the virtual machine in the vCenter Server
      2. Configuring the virtual desktop machine BIOS
        1. Updating the BIOS settings
        2. Starting the guest operating system installation
      3. Installing VMware Tools
      4. Installing applications and the View Agent
      5. Optimizing the image
        1. Optimizing the image using the commands.bat process
        2. VMware OS Optimization Tool
        3. Post-optimization
      6. Building a GPU-enabled virtual desktop machine
        1. Configuring the ESXi host and vCenter Server
        2. Building the virtual desktop machine
        3. Installing the operating system for GPU-enabled desktops
      7. Preparing the image for users
        1. Creating a template for a full-clone virtual desktop machine
        2. Creating a snapshot for linked clones
      8. Preparing the GPU-enabled virtual desktop machine
      9. Summary
    14. 7. Configuring Horizon View to Deliver Virtual Desktops
      1. Configuring a linked-clone desktop pool
        1. General
        2. Remote Settings
        3. Remote Display Protocol
        4. Adobe Flash Settings for Sessions
        5. Mirage Settings
      2. Entitling users to a desktop pool
      3. Configuring a full-clone desktop pool
      4. Creating a desktop pool for high-end graphics
      5. Summary
    15. 8. Horizon View Clients
      1. The Horizon View software client
        1. Downloading the Horizon View Clients
        2. Horizon View Client for Windows platforms
        3. Launching and configuring the Horizon View Client
      2. Testing the connection to the desktop
        1. Horizon View Client for Mac
        2. Horizon View Client for iPad
        3. Browser-based desktop access
      3. Hardware-based clients and thin clients
        1. Zero clients
        2. Thin clients
      4. Summary
    16. 9. Fine-tuning the End User Experience
      1. Active Directory prerequisites
        1. Creating an organizational unit
        2. Creating Group Policy Objects for Horizon View
        3. Importing and applying the Horizon View ADM templates
        4. Enabling the loopback policy
        5. Example policy settings
      2. The PCoIP tuning tool
      3. Summary
    17. A. References
      1. The VMware official documentation
      2. The software's download pages and tools
      3. Summary
    18. Index