Chapter 18. Ten Places to Discover More

As a whole, VMware Infrastructure 3 is a very complex product. Often, you need more information as you plan, deploy, and manage your virtual infrastructure. I have found the following ten sites very helpful. Some are subsections of the VMware Web site.

VMware Resources Page

This link (see Figure 18-1) gives you access to VMware events, including tradeshows, seminars, and Webinars. Additionally, you can find white papers, technical papers, compatibility guides, and product documentation. The compatibility guides are updated weekly.

VMware Resources page.

Figure 18-1. VMware Resources page.

VMware Education Services

If you want training on VMware or certification, this is the place to start (see Figure 18-2).

The first place to go for VMware training certification.

Figure 18-2. The first place to go for VMware training certification.

VMware Product Index

Want to find out more about VMware products? Read the next chapter, and then go to this link (shown in Figure 18-3). It lists all VMware products from A to Z. VMware has several different families of products aside from VMware Infrastructure 3. Additionally there are desktop virtualization products like VMware Workstation and VMware Fusion. You can also get various management ...

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