Adding an iSCSI target server to the software iSCSI adapter

For the ESXi server to be able to see iSCSI targets/LUNs, the iSCSI adapter needs to be configured with the details of the iSCSI target server. The target server is nothing but an iSCSI array. Here the term "target" can refer to the network interfaces on the iSCSI array or individual LUNs. The definition changes depending on the type of array being used. For example, a Dell EqualLogic array will present its LUNs as targets.

In this recipe, we will learn how to provide the iSCSI array details to the iSCSI software adapter.

How to do it...

The following procedure will guide you through the steps required to add an iSCSI target server:

  1. On the ESXi server, navigate to Manage | Storage | Storage ...

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