Chapter 10

Telephones and VoIP

In This Chapter

bullet Summarizing VoIP phones

bullet Checking out hard phones for the desktop

bullet Using soft phones for the computer

bullet Choosing wireless IP phones

bullet Protecting your existing phone system investment

Depending on the number of people in your company, the mere thought of purchasing replacement phones could make you nervous. That’s why one of the first questions people ask when considering VoIP is whether they need to buy new phones. The answer to that question rests primarily with the type of telephone system your company already has.

This chapter examines the ins and outs of telephones and VoIP. You discover the options for new equipment, as well as how you can use your existing equipment with your new VoIP system. To keep you from tripping over your tongue, I’ll refer to VoIP phones instead of VoIP-enabled phones. A VoIP phone simply means a phone capable of placing and receiving calls on a VoIP network.

Running Down the Three Flavors of VoIP Phones

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