3.9. SMF record types related to VSAM data sets

Following are the SMF records related to VSAM recovery and VSAM performance.

3.9.1. SMF record type 60

Record type 60 is written when a record is inserted, updated, or deleted from a VSAM Volume Data Set (VVDS). For example, when a VSAM cluster is defined, closed, or deleted.

VVDS is a part of ICF catalog structure (the other is BCS), located in the volume which contains the described data sets. It contains dynamic information, as statistics, about these data sets. VSAM data sets and SMS data sets must be cataloged in an ICF catalog. The record related to a VSAM data set is a VSAM Volume Record (VVR), while the record related to non-VSAM data sets is a Non-VSAM Volume Record (NVR).

One type 60 ...

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