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Vue.js Application Development Essentials

Video Description

A stepping stone to building applications and making your vision a reality with smooth UI animations

About This Video

  • Learn essential patterns and components to develop your application
  • Build your application and write clean and maintainable code with Vue.js
  • Learn to design applications step-by-step

In Detail

This practical hands-on course will get you started working with Vue right from the get-go. Then you'll explore different Vue essentials with practical examples, where you'll learn about powerful templates and event handling. Next, you'll discover Vue's amazing features and add transitions and animations smoothly to your application. Also, you'll learn to select the best tool to maintain your apps. Finally, you'll build an application by applying all the features you've learned, bootstrap a project, and set up web pack configurations.

This course will take you through essential patterns and concepts you'll need to develop a Vue.js application. You'll learn how to respond to user actions with event handling, explore Vue's features, and add awesome transitions and animations to your applications. At the same time, we walk you through Vue components. You'll learn how to respond to user actions with event handling and select the right tools to maintain your apps.

The code bundle for this course is available at https://github.com/PacktPublishing/Vue.js-Application-Development-Essentials