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Vue™ 7 Beyond the Basics

Book Description

Welcome to Vue 7: Beyond the Basics, your in-depth guide to getting the most out of this powerful program. Written for the professional 3D artist and animator, this book will show you how to use all the new and updated features of any version of Vue 7 or Vue 7.5 to take your art into new creative realms. Organized as a series of tutorials and projects, this book contains the tips and tricks you need to expand your knowledge of Vue, teaching you how to create everything from photorealistic images to those that look like they were drawn for a comic book. Each chapter builds upon the previous one as you work your way through each feature, from the simpler to the more advanced, with screen captures to show you the result of the techniques taught. You'll find coverage of land development, from texturing a volcano to creating a realistic underwater environment; architecture and city-planning techniques, including how to build a more organized city or a more beautiful neighborhood; illustration and design methods for cartoon-like effects: adding animated figures from other programs to Vue; and much more. Get ready to master the amazing capabilities of Vue!

Table of Contents

  1. Copyright
  2. A Letter from Nicholas Phelps, President, e-on software
  3. Acknowledgments
  4. About the Author
  5. Introduction
  6. This Land Is Your Land
    1. Land Development
      1. Modifying Terrains
      2. In Closing
    2. Hitting the Ground Running
      1. Staying Grounded
      2. In Closing
    3. Highs, Lows, and Points in Between
      1. Are There Aliens Among Us?
      2. A Rip in the Earth
      3. In Closing
    4. The Grand Vista
      1. Let’s Talk Composition
      2. Building the Grand Vista
      3. Adding Some Atmosphere
      4. In Closing
    5. Going to Great Depths
      1. The Surface Aquatic
      2. More Filter-Based Altitude Adjustments
      3. Under the Sea
      4. Adding the EcoSystem
      5. Lighting the Scene
      6. In Closing
  7. Architecture and City Planning
    1. Building Better Cities and Towns
      1. Picture Perfect
      2. In Closing
    2. Beautifying the Neighborhood One Plant at a Time
      1. Home Decoration
      2. Preparing Your Window Boxes
      3. Landscaping
      4. In Closing
    3. The Growth Industry
      1. A Leaf by Any Other Name
      2. Time Marches On
      3. A Tree Grows In…
      4. In Closing
    4. Other Outdoor Activities
      1. Slopping On the Paint
      2. Back to Our Regularly Scheduled Project
      3. An Affinity for EcoSystems
      4. Putting Your Head in the Clouds
      5. In Closing
    5. The Great Indoors
      1. The Basics
      2. Creating Interior Atmosphere
      3. Variations on the Lighting Theme
      4. In Closing
  8. Illustration and Design
    1. Creating Toon Materials for Comics and Illustrations
      1. How to Create a Toon-Like Effect
      2. Modifying the Atmosphere
      3. Toon-Style EcoSystems
      4. Mixing Metaphors
      5. In Closing
    2. Playing Well with Others
      1. Multi-Layered Banner Ads
      2. Power to the People
      3. In Closing
    3. A Smattering of Techniques
      1. Scatter and Replicate—Simulating Particle Systems
      2. A Healthy Glow
      3. What’s New in Vue 7.5
      4. A Waxy Build-Up
      5. In Closing
  9. Advanced Resources
    1. xStream Creations
      1. Going to xStream
      2. In Closing
    2. Functional Behavior
      1. FE-101
      2. Another Fun Suggestion
      3. Using Image Maps to Generate Material Effects
      4. MetaNodes
      5. It’s a Mixed Up World Out There
      6. Terraforming
      7. In Conclusion
  10. Appendix A
    1. Third-Party Providers
    2. Plug-Ins
    3. Digital Elevation Maps
  11. Index