Charlatans and scoundrels lurk in dark corners,awaiting the unsuspecting. Don't be their prey.

The Stonehenge Plus system TURNED $5,000 INTO $1,000,000in JUST 5 YEARS. Stonehenge Plus was invented by StupendusMagnificus, a NASA scientist who discovered a way to use the sameprocess used to launch the Mars Rover for trading currencies.OVER 90% ACCURATE, it hasn't had a losing monthin 10 years. It is so good we are only going to sell 100 COPIES.Get yours now while there is still time for only $1,999.

—Advertisement from a system vendor

Anyone who has been around trading for any amount of time has seen ads like this one, as has anyone who has his or her name on a mailing list and is interested in trading. But ...

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