Creating the service interface layer

The last step is to create the service interface layer. Again, the steps here are very similar to the steps in Chapter 4, Implementing a WCF Service in the Real World, so you can refer to that chapter for more details.

  1. Right-click on the solution item and select Add | New Project.... Add a WCF service library project with the name of LINQNorthwindService.
  2. Add a project reference to LINQNorthwindLogic and LINQNorthwindBDO to this new service interface project.
  3. Change the service interface file IService1.cs, as follows:

    a. Change its filename from IService1.cs to IProductService.cs.

    b. Change the interface name from IService1 to IProductService, if it is not done for you.

    c. Remove the original two service operations ...

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