Eliminate behaviors and practices that disproportionately and negatively impact women.

Image shows the alphabet E in a large size with the word eliminate written next to it.

What Women Want

  • A level playing field
  • To be valued and respected
  • No discrimination or sexual harassment
  • To be judged on their performance (output and results), not on their presence (hours) in the office

The Problem

Some workplace practices and behaviors disproportionately impact women.

Some customary practices, like regularly scheduling 7:00 a.m. meetings, are seemingly benign. But such practices usually adversely impact women more than men because they are more likely the ones seeing their kids off to school or day care.

Others are even more harmful. While instances of overt discrimination or harassment of women may have declined in past decades, the recent outpouring of women sharing awful experiences painfully reminds us that it’s still occurring. Today, bias against women is primarily unconscious or manifests in the form of microaggressions that are not fully recognized or understood.

Macroaggression occurs on a systemic level, for instance, in the form of unequal pay practices or conditions for a certain group of people. In contrast, microaggressions are intentional or unintentional verbal or nonverbal behaviors that occur in everyday interactions, which are often unacknowledged and casually degrade, demean, or put down someone who is part of a group (for instance, ...

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