CHAPTER 2My Money, Myself

Overheard in a conversation between two investors:

“You know, once people realize you are wealthy, they assume you know more than you actually do. Ha!

Now that you have just been named CEO of this new company called My Wealth, Inc., let’s look at the reality of who is responsible for the management of this company. How on earth will you figure it out? Whom can you trust? What is the best way to run this company?

The “best” will differ for each person. Some newly appointed CEOs are more comfortable running the company in a hands‐on fashion; others prefer to elect VPs to do it for them. Many of us fall somewhere in the middle. You can structure your wealth however you want, but you can’t abdicate your role as CEO. So, know your options, uncover the conflicts of interest, and get involved in setting up the best team to run My Wealth, Inc.

But first, you have to learn about My Wealth, Inc. As you read this book, you will be engaged in taking stock, answering questions, and ranking priorities—all of which are designed to move you toward a heightened awareness of yourself as CEO of My Wealth, Inc. This will help you see what sort of investor you are—either a do‐it‐yourselfer or someone who prefers an advisor.

What is my wealth supposed to ...

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