CHAPTER 3Are You a Do‐It‐Yourselfer?

Your kitchen is in need of updating.

Do you begin by visiting a Home Depot and wandering through the aisles?

Do you visit a fancy kitchen showroom? I would suggest that you do neither. Why?

Because you first need to assess your readiness for the entire project! If you don’t know your own limitations (do you really have the time or the interest?) or don’t have the skills (have you ever read any instruction manuals?), you’re likely to waste both your time and your money.

Do you want to renovate your kitchen yourself or hire a contractor? The same question applies when it comes to managing My Wealth, Inc. Discovering what is best for your unique set of skills and preferences is the first order of business. By taking a short quiz (page 20), you will know whether you even need to read the rest of this book!

If it turns out that you are a do‐it‐yourselfer, you need not continue to read. If, however, you are like most of us, and would appreciate an advisor’s guidance, this book will unlock several keys to your future success in working with an advisor.

Think of entering Home Depot with no idea how to renovate a kitchen. You do not yet know the tools you will need, the materials, or even the design you want. Suddenly, an employee in a golf cart cruises up to you and says: “Hi! My name is Joe, and I am here to help you. Not only will ...

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