CHAPTER 11Born Rich—A Curse or a Blessing?

“The most disturbing incident for me as a father occurred when my teenaged daughter, who has never even been on a commercial aircraft, and has always flown on our private aircraft, asked me to ‘borrow the plane’ to take her friends skiing. In that instant, I knew the curse of having been an overindulgent parent. Do I say yes, and keep spoiling her, or do I say no, and incur her teenaged fury? ‘Dad! I can’t believe you! No one’s even using the plane, so why not, Dad?’”

It may be too late for this parent, but it is not too late for you. You can ask the tough questions and choose answers that help you raise your children while wealthy.

How do families who experience wealth as a blessing do it? Why do their children end up happy, fulfilled adults? What about the families whose children grow up to be adults in name only—addicted, unmotivated, or lacking in self‐worth? What went wrong?

You may believe living on Easy Street is a lark, smooth sailing, and fun. I’ve learned the truth is quite the opposite, having ...

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