Chapter 34. Philanthropy: A Way of Life

In 1997, shortly after my Dad was diagnosed with cancer, he sat down with Rachel and me and discussed how we could ensure that a portion of his abundant blessings would continue to enhance others' lives. It was vital to Dad that we would work with purpose and foresight to ensure that those in need—particularly those in our geographical area—would have the opportunity to better themselves and improve their quality of life. Since we had always witnessed our father modeling this approach in his life anyway, taking the next "official" step forward was a logical progression—one that propelled our family journey with a renewed forward momentum of benevolence.

And so, it was in the spirit of sharing and giving back that my father established The Longaberger Foundation. Over the years, we've continued to make contributions to fulfill commitments my father made long ago—commitments that encourage entrepreneurship, enhance local parks and recreation facilities, and enrich the educational opportunities for Ohio residents, to name a few. And it's been our joy during this time to see how small gestures can make way for big ripples of positive effects.

At the heart of our Foundation is a commitment to the betterment of our employees and their families; as such, the vast majority of our grants are awarded to organizations right here in southern Ohio where we live, work, and play. With recipients residing, for the most part, in Muskingum County and surrounding ...

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