CHAPTER 8The OpenSocial Platform

In This Chapter:

• The OpenSocial Landscape

• OpenSocial Markup Language (OSML)

• OpenSocial Gadgets

• The OpenSocial Technology Stack

• OpenSocials Applications in Eclipse

• OpenSocial and Major Vendors

• Google Friend Connect (GFC)

• Apache Shindig

• Integrateds OpenSocial Sample Application

In this chapter, we’ll discuss the OpenSocial platform and some of the companies that belong to the OpenSocial consortium. We’ll also look at examples of how to create OpenSocial applications for the companies in the consortium.

First, we’ll look at a brief description of the OpenSocial platform, which is similar to Facebook (i.e., both are social networks) and discuss some of the important differences between the two. You will also ...

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