Web Application Design Patterns

Book description

Ever notice that—in spite of their pervasiveness—designing web applications is still challenging? While their benefits motivate their creation, there are no well-established guidelines for design. This often results in inconsistent behaviors and appearances, even among web applications created by the same company. Design patterns for web applications, similar in concept to those for web sites and software design, offer an effective solution. In Web Application Design Patterns, Pawan Vora documents design patterns for web applications by not only identifying design solutions for user interaction problems, but also by examining the rationale for their effectiveness, and by presenting how they should be applied.
  • Design interfaces faster, with a better rationale for the solutions you choose.
  • Learn from over more than 100 patterns, with extensive annotation on use and extension.
  • Take a short-cut into understanding the industry with more than 500 full-color screenshots.

Product information

  • Title: Web Application Design Patterns
  • Author(s): Pawan Vora
  • Release date: March 2009
  • Publisher(s): Morgan Kaufmann
  • ISBN: 9780080921457