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Web Apps without Web Servers

Video Description

Learn how to build web apps that not only function without a web server, but also work offline like native apps—providing the best of both worlds. This video workshop demonstrates how server-free web apps eliminate massive categories of scaling problems, decrease infrastructure usage while improving page load time, and continue to work without an internet connection.

Through a live demo, host Richard Feldman shows you how existing web technologies work together to create a seamless offline experience for a rich web app. You’ll also learn how to provide server-free hosting, use offline persistence in the browser, and build an offline-first web app from scratch with Grunt and S3.

This workshop covers:

  • Web apps vs. native apps
  • Building an offline-first web app
  • Server-free hosting
  • The HTML5 application cache
  • File I/O in the browser
  • Offline persistence in the browser
  • Working with IndexedDB
  • Syncing with third-party services
  • Making an offline-first web app via Grunt and S3

Richard Feldman is a functional programmer who specializes in pushing the limits of browser-based UIs. He has built a framework that performantly renders hundreds of thousands of shapes in HTML5 canvas, a web app that functions like a desktop app in the absence of an internet connection, and much more in between.