Chapter 11
Web Outsourcing
As the Web explodes in myriad hues, approaches, and means.
Ease of radio operation and cost was the argument advanced initially by radio
manufacturers after TV was introduced about 50 years ago. Improvements in TV
made it far more appealing than the radio though, in time.
In outsourcing online, the success of the two organizations is dependent on
each other’s success. To deal with the changing business conditions, the relation-
ship requires a moderate amount of dialogue. In traditional outsourcing, contract-
ing with an external entity to take primary responsibility for providing specied
deliverables, business process, and functions is not new. Online outsourcing has
helped to cope eectively with the management burden, thereby reducing the
costs by shifting operations to less expensive locations, thus taking care of high-
turnover, high-touch, and people-intensive processes. A much broader range of
projects, deliverables, products, and services are being outsourced today over the
Internet and other dedicated networks.
Projects That Are Good Candidates of These Models
Labor intensive
Easily dened
170 ◾  Web-Based and Traditional Outsourcing
Predictable in volume and delivery date
Knowledge exchange
General Category of Applicable Projects
Coding work
Design of application and/or respective reviews
Software tools development
In-house requirements
Technical consulting for problem resolution
Inviting experts for training
Simple documentation work
Research and development, product development
Internal IT
Customer service and support
Back oce operations
Buying of physical goods (nonsoftware)
Consultancy services
Project planning and management services
Back oce services (i.e., transaction processing such as data entry,
Web catalog and content management services
Technology servicessoftware verication and validation
Note: us projects of any nature and at all levels of the value chain can be put up
on the portal.
Not just mass production, but production
for the masses, by the masses.
Miscellaneous Examples
e vast elds of creation, to build upon.
Considerable types of creative services can be outsourced online, such as animation,
business writing, music composition, illustrations, photography, instructional design,
editing, textbook manuscript layout, screenwriting, video editing, photo editing, sto-
ryboarding, creative writing, graphic design, proofreading, technical writing, cover
design, art, white paper development, and so many more. Individual examples are
discussed in detail in the following sections.
Web Outsourcing Examples ◾  171
ExampleDesign of Application and/or Respective Reviews
e core and its underlying framework.
Consider the need for designing a software application. is would involve issues
relating to design, number of underlying tables, elds, their normalization, etc.
Note: An inappropriate design could aect the robustness of application, and data
integrity, cause excessive coding, and lead to bugs, unanticipated future problems,
enhancement bottlenecks, etc.
Such an issue, if outsourced with inputs from many sources and experts would yield
an optimal design. is would lead to savings in time, eort, resources, quality, etc.
ExampleTechnical Consulting for Problem Resolution
e expert and his word, a decision enabler.
Consider the occurrence of slow performance issue for an application software
batch process that periodically processes a large volume of data. is may have
become a problem gradually due to the common ever-increasing volume of data
over time. e batch processing may have been within acceptable limits initially
due to lower data volume.
Note: Such a request can aect the contracted service level agreements (SLAS) with
customers and aect regular service adversely.
Such an issue, if outsourced with inputs from many sources and experts would
yield an optimal result.
ExampleApplication Development
Sourcing from a ready source or building anew.
Consider the need to develop a software application which has a certain functional-
ity set. Developing the same in-house needs, say, 100 person-days.
Vendor organizations which already have similar applications can deliver the
same in much less time and at a much lower cost versus that incurred by the orga-
nization developing it internally.
ExampleWeb Site Content Writing
Not just building content but also adding value.
Here are some of the services related to the Internet that can be outsourced. Web site
content writing is one of them, because it is known that a Web site is essential, but all

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