Chapter 22. Preventing a Nav Bar from Breaking

When you're designing a layout table, it's only natural to think in terms of the fewest number of cells. It's easier on the design software, it's easier on your coders, and, most importantly, it's easier on you.

Depending on what element of the page goes where, you might be able to get away with a layout like the one in Figure 22.1. Just fill the cells with the appropriate content, let the table expand vertically to infinity, upload to the Web, and call it a day.

Listing 22.1. View Source for Figure 22.1.
<table width="600">
    <td colspan="2">Top</td>
    <td width="125">Nav</td>
    <td height="250">Main Content Area</td>
Figure 22.1. A simple layout like this can save you ...

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