Lesson 12: HTML5 Essentials

In this lesson, you will get an understanding of the different technologies related to HTML5. You’ll discover the new elements that are available to help build HTML5 pages, and you will also learn about modern browser support.

What you’ll learn in this lesson:

• Understanding key concepts of HTML5 markup

• Supporting technologies

• Evolving browser support

• Using HTML5

Starting up

This lesson does not use any lesson files, so you do not need to load any files before starting this lesson.


See Lesson 12 in action!

Use the accompanying video to gain a better understanding of how to use some of the features shown in this lesson. You can find the video tutorial for this lesson at www.digitalclassroombooks.com using the URL provided when you registered your book.

Defining HTML5

HTML5 is a combination of new HTML markup tags, CSS3 properties, and JavaScript, as well as several supporting technologies that are connected to HTML5.


HTML5 is marketed as a significant evolution in web design; however, it is more than just a new set of HTML tags.

There is a difference between the HTML5 core and the HTML5 family. You can define the HTML5 core as ...

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