Appendix Q


Tab Methods
Method Description Return Value
tabs(options) Makes the selected elements into tabs (see “Tab Options”). jQuery
tabs('destroy') Removes the tabs' functionality completely from the document. jQuery
tabs('disable') Disables all tabs. jQuery
tabs('disable', index) Disables a tab by offset index. To disable multiple tabs, use the option method to set the disabled option with an Array of tab indices. jQuery
tabs('enable') Enables all tabs. jQuery
tabs('enable', index) Enables a tab by offset index. To enable multiple tabs, use the option method to set the disabled option with an Array of tab indices you wish to remain disabled. jQuery
tabs('load', index) Loads the content of a tab provided via AJAX programmatically. jQuery
tabs('option') Returns an object of key, value pairs for every set option. Object
tabs('option', optionName, value) Sets the specified option to the specified value. jQuery
tabs('refresh') Refreshes the positions of tabs that were added or removed from the DOM. jQuery
tabs('widget') Returns a jQuery object of the tabs container. jQuery
Tab Options
Option Description Type
active Determines which tab panel should be open.If a boolean value is provided, setting to false collapses all panels.If an integer is provided, setting to a zero-based offset representing the tab will open that panel. A negative value selects the active panel counting from the last tab instead of the beginning.Default value: 0 Boolean, ...

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