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Web Host Manager

Book Description

Run your web host with the popular WebHost Manager software

  • Set up your server using WHM's powerful server management features

  • Learn how to manage standard and reseller accounts

  • Keep an eye on your server and learn to spot problems before they become serious

  • Discover numerous tools and add-ons that can help you manage your server and differentiate your hosting from other providers.

  • In Detail

    WebHost Manager is a package used by web hosts to manage their servers and the individual user accounts they hold. It is part of the same package as cPanel, so the host uses WebHost Manager while the client uses cPanel. WebHost Manager is at the core of many web hosts' business. Using web host manager, you can keep track of the accounts on your server, monitor their bandwidth and disk space usage, and much more.

    If you are running a web host or web space reseller then the chances are you'll be using WebHost Manager. This book shows you how to get the most from the software, for both you and your customers. It provides solutions to common WHM problems and pitfalls, leading to better customer service provided at lower cost.

    You will learn how to set up WHM securely, offer a variety of account styles. You will see how to use WHM to elegantly manage multiple domains, SSL certificates, and various databases and server-side technologies such as PHP, MySQL, Perl, and Apache.

    Table of Contents

    1. Web Host Manager
      1. Web Host Manager
      2. Credits
      3. About the Author
      4. About the Reviewers
      5. Preface
        1. What This Book Covers
        2. Conventions
        3. Reader Feedback
        4. Customer Support
          1. Errata
          2. Questions
      6. 1. Introduction to WHM and Dedicated Server/VPS Hosting
        1. What are WHM and cPanel and How Do They Work Together?
          1. What WHM Can Do
          2. What WHM Cannot Do
        2. System Requirements for WHM and cPanel
        3. Important Considerations before Shopping for a Server or VPS
          1. What Do You Plan to Do with Your Server or VPS?
          2. Do You Currently Have Any Experience of Offering cPanel Hosting to Paying Customers?
          3. What Kinds of Hosting Customers are You Going to Focus On?
            1. Low-End Customers: Cheap and (Hopefully) Cheerful
            2. Mid-Range Customers: Growing Needs, Growing Profits
            3. High-End Customers: Welcome to the Big Time!
          4. What Kind of Server do you Need?
        4. Shopping for a VPS or Dedicated Server
          1. Finding Deals
          2. Important Things to Consider Before Sealing the Deal
            1. Support is Critical
            2. Additional Fees, Included Extras, Upgrade Charges
            3. The Data Center Itself
            4. Location, Location, Location
            5. Billing and Cancellation Policies
        5. General Purchasing Advice
        6. Summary
      7. 2. Setting Up Your Server with cPanel and WHM
        1. Accessing Your Server for the First Time and Determining if You Need to Install cPanel and WHM
          1. Getting the Tools You Need to Access Your Server
            1. Log into Your Server
              1. Log into Your Server Using Windows
              2. Log into Your Server Using Mac OS X or Linux
          2. Are cPanel and WHM Installed Already?
        2. How to Install WHM and cPanel
          1. Accessing WHM and Finishing the Installation Process
          2. Finishing Installation
          3. WHM Setup: The License
          4. WHM Setup: Basic Information
            1. Basic Information: Contact Details
            2. Basic Information: Default Themes and Directories
            3. Basic Setup: User IDs and Networking
            4. Basic Setup: Hostname, Nameservers, and DNS Values
            5. Basic Setup: CGI and Apache Logging
          5. WHM Setup: Disk Quota Setup
          6. WHM Setup: Nameserver Setup
          7. WHM Setup: DNS Resolvers
          8. WHM Setup: Setting the MySQL Root Password
        3. Summary
      8. 3. Additional Server Configuration
        1. Welcome to Root WHM!
        2. cPanel Builds: Choosing the Right One for You
        3. Updating cPanel
          1. About File and Directory Permissions
        4. Setting Up Server Contact Information
        5. The Contact Manager
        6. Set Your Server's Hostname
        7. Setting the Server's Clock and Date
        8. Setting Up Extra Hard Drives
        9. Choose Your Data Backup Strategy!
        10. Tweak Settings: Additional Configuration
          1. Display and Domains
          2. Mail
          3. MySQL and Notification
          4. Software
          5. Stats, Logs, and Status
          6. System
          7. cPAddons
        11. Statistics Software Configuration
        12. Summary
      9. 4. Apache, PHP, Perl, and Databases
        1. Apache: Web's Best Friend
        2. PHP: Hypertext Processor
        3. Perl: The Programming Language that Powers cPanel
        4. MySQL: A Database for the Masses
        5. PostgreSQL: The "Other" Database
        6. Configuring Apache on a cPanel Server
          1. Configuring or Updating the Back-End Copy of Apache and PHP
          2. Configuring or Updating the Front-End Copy of Apache and PHP
            1. Apache-Related Configuration Options - Part 1
            2. PHP Configuration Options
            3. Apache-Related Configuration Options - Part 2
          3. Installing Zend Optimizer
        7. Configuring and Working with Perl
          1. Installing Perl Modules in WHM
          2. Installing Perl Modules Using the Perlinstaller Script
          3. Installing Perl Modules Using CPAN
          4. Checking Perl Scripts and Automatically Installing the Needed Modules
        8. Upgrading and Working with MySQL
          1. Upgrading MySQL
          2. Adding MySQL Remote Hosts in WHM
          3. Changing a MySQL User or Database Password
          4. Resetting MySQL's Root Password
          5. Repairing MySQL Databases in WHM
          6. Resetting the Local MySQL Root Password
          7. Setting Up a Remote MySQL Server in WHM
          8. Showing MySQL Processes
          9. phpMyAdmin
          10. Restarting MySQL
        9. Installing and Working with PostgreSQL
          1. Installing PostgreSQL
          2. Restarting PostgreSQL
        10. Summary
      10. 5. Working with User Accounts
        1. Transferring User Accounts from Other Servers
          1. Transferring Multiple Accounts from another Server Using the Root or Administrator Password
          2. Transferring a Single Account from another Server Using the Root or Administrator Password
          3. Transferring Multiple Accounts from an Alabanza Server
          4. Transferring a Single Account Using the Username and Password for the Account (cPanel Servers Only)
          5. Alternative Methods of Moving User Accounts from Other Servers
          6. Review Copy Accounts Log
        2. Working with Packages and Feature Lists
          1. Creating a New Feature List
          2. Editing an Existing Feature List
          3. Deleting an Existing Feature List
          4. Creating a New Package
          5. Deleting Packages
          6. Editing an Existing Package
          7. Upgrading or Downgrading a User's Account: Changing the Assigned Package
        3. Working with User Accounts
          1. Creating New User Accounts
          2. Modifying an Account
          3. Modifying Multiple Accounts
          4. Changing a User's Password
          5. Changing Site's IP Address
          6. Changing Multiple IP Addresses
          7. Managing Shell Access
          8. Moving an Account to a Different Partition
          9. Quota Modification
          10. Viewing Bandwidth Usage
          11. Limit Bandwidth on an Account
          12. Suspending or Unsuspending an Account
          13. Listing Suspended Accounts
          14. Showing Active (not Suspended) and Inactive (Suspended) Accounts
          15. Modifying the Suspension Page
          16. Resetting User Accounts with Custom Bandwidth Back to Package Limits
          17. Unsuspending All Bandwidth Exceeders
          18. Listing Subdomains
          19. List Accounts
          20. Changing Ownership of an Account
          21. Terminating an Account
          22. Terminating Multiple Accounts
          23. Rearranging Accounts
          24. E-mailing All Users on Your Server at Once
          25. Modifying cPanel and WHM News
        4. Customizing Accounts
          1. Customizing Accounts Using the Skeleton Directory Feature
          2. Customizing the Look of Your Customer's cPanel Account
        5. Summary
      11. 6. Working with Reseller Accounts
        1. Who Exactly are Resellers?
          1. What are Reseller Accounts Good for?
          2. Things to Consider before Adding Reseller Accounts
            1. Where will You Put the Resellers, and How many Reseller Accounts will You Place on the Server?
            2. What if Your Reseller Clients Have Violated Your Acceptable Use Policy?
            3. Can You Handle the More Complex Support Issues that Resellers Often have?
        2. Working with Reseller Accounts
          1. Setting Up a Reseller Account that isn't Already a Customer of Yours
            1. Creating a Package for the Reseller's Main cPanel Account
            2. Creating a New Reseller's Main cPanel Account
            3. Upgrading an Existing Standard cPanel Account to a Reseller Plan
          2. The Reseller Center
            1. Adding and Removing Reseller Privileges
            2. Changing Single Account Ownership
            3. E-mailing All Resellers (Only)
            4. Changing Ownership of Multiple Accounts
            5. Monitoring and Managing Resellers
            6. Managing Reseller IP Address Delegation
            7. Assigning a Reseller a New Shared IP Address
            8. Managing Reseller Privileges and Assigning Custom Nameservers
              1. Reseller Privileges: Account Creation Limits
              2. Reseller Privileges: Account Package Limits
              3. Reseller Privileges: Resource Limits
              4. Reseller Privileges: Feature Limits
                1. Account Information
                2. Account Management
                3. Advanced Account Management
                4. Clustering
                5. DNS
                6. Packages
                7. Privileges
                8. Root Access
                9. Server Information
                10. Services
                11. Troubleshooting
                12. cPanel Management
              5. Reseller Privileges: Custom Nameservers
          3. Listing All Reseller Accounts and Their Clients
        3. Summary
      12. 7. IP Address, SSL/TLS, and DNS Management
        1. IP Address Management
          1. Add an IP Address
          2. Show or Delete Server IP Addresses
          3. Rebuild the IP Address Pool
          4. Show and Edit Reserved IPs
          5. Show IP Address Usage
          6. The IP Migration Wizard
          7. Change a Domain's IP Address
        2. SSL/TLS Management
          1. Purchase and Install an SSL Certificate
          2. Generate an SSL Certificate and Signing Request
          3. Install an SSL Certificate and Set Up the Domain
          4. Reset or Generate a Self-Signed Server SSL Certificate
          5. Change the WHM/cPanel SSL Certificate
          6. The SSL Manager
          7. Delete an SSL Host
        3. DNS Management
          1. Add an A Entry for your Hostname
          2. Add a DNS Zone
          3. Edit an MX Entry
          4. Edit DNS Zone
            1. The Anatomy of a DNS Zone
          5. DNS Zone Templates
          6. Delete a DNS Zone
          7. Perform a DNS Clean-up
          8. Park a Domain
          9. Set Up and Edit Domain Forwarding
          10. Establish a Trust Relationship with a Primary Nameserver
          11. Setting Up and Managing a Nameserver Cluster
          12. The WHM Remote Access Key
          13. Synchronizing DNS Records
        4. Summary
      13. 8. Ongoing Server Management
        1. General Server Information
          1. Viewing General Server Information
          2. Viewing Disk Space Utilization and I/O Statistics
          3. Monitoring Your Server's Entire Bandwidth Usage with Bandmin
        2. Managing Services
          1. Viewing Service Status
          2. Viewing Apache Status
          3. The Service Manager
          4. Restarting Services Manually
          5. Restarting Your Server
        3. Managing Processes
          1. Displaying Current Running Processes
          2. Working with Processes on the Server
        4. Managing Mail
          1. Managing Exim Configuration
          2. The Mail Queue Manager
          3. Mail Statistics
          4. Mail Relayers
          5. Repairing Mail File Permissions
          6. Mail Tracing
        5. Managing Security
          1. Managing Wheel Group Users
          2. Shell Fork Bomb and Memory Overload Protection
          3. The Tweak Security Feature
            1. PHP open_basedir Protection
            2. Mod_Userdir Protection
            3. Restricting Access to the System Compilers
            4. Disabling or Enabling the traceroute Command
            5. SMTP Restriction
          4. Enabling or Disabling CGI SuEXEC
          5. Fixing Non-Secure CGI Script Permissions
          6. The Background Process Killer
          7. Scanning for Trojan Horses
          8. Shutting Down Unneeded Services
        6. Summary
      14. 9. Customizing your Server with Themes and Add-Ons
        1. Working with cPanel Themes
          1. Installing and Removing Other Free cPanel Themes from cPanel
          2. Installing a Third-Party cPanel Theme
          3. Listing Currently Installed cPanel Themes
          4. Cloning an Installed cPanel Theme
          5. Downloading Installed cPanel Themes
          6. Removing cPanel Themes from Your Server
          7. The XSkin Migration Tool
          8. cPanel Themes Gallery
            1. cPanel's Other Themes
              1. Blue Lagoon
              2. Monsoon
              3. Xmail
              4. X2
            2. Third-Party Themes
              1. 7Dana
              2. Ace
              3. BlueCrush
              4. CoolBreeze
              5. CPANELXP Evolution
              6. CPSkins
              7. iCandy
              8. InteliSkin
              9. Java
              10. Radiance
              11. RVSkin
              12. SimSkins
              13. Stainless Steel
              14. Trix
              15. Universina
              16. Winterfall
              17. XController
              18. ZabrinskiPoint
        2. Working with cPanel Theme Languages
          1. Installing a New Language File
          2. Cloning an Installed Language
          3. Editing an Installed Language File
          4. Downloading a Language File
          5. Setting the Language for Web Statistics Programs
          6. Deleting an Installed Language File
        3. Working with WHM Themes
          1. Installing and Removing Some Free WHM Themes
          2. Installing Third-Party WHM Themes
          3. Listing Installed WHM Themes
          4. Choosing the Default WHM Theme
          5. Changing the Current WHM Theme
          6. Downloading a WHM Theme
          7. Removing Installed WHM Themes
          8. WHM Theme Gallery
            1. 7Dana WHM
            2. Canarias
            3. Radiance
            4. TrueBlue
        4. Working with cPanel's Own Autoinstall Scripts Feature
          1. Choosing the Scripts to Offer
          2. Moderating Script Installation
        5. Working with cPanel and WHM Add-On Modules
          1. Managing cPanel's Own Add-On Modules
            1. Module Gallery
          2. Other Available WHM and cPanel Add-Ons
            1. Fantastico De Luxe
            2. Auto-Installer v4
            3. Open Installer
            4. Installatron
        6. Summary
      15. 10. Where to Go for Help with WHM
        1. Help(ful) Resources in WHM
          1. The Interactive Knowledgebase
          2. Links to cPanel Support
            1. Just the FAQ
            2. The Forum
            3. Documentation
            4. Contacting cPanel
        2. Turning to your NOC for Assistance
        3. Finding Help in the Forums
        4. Assistance from cPanel Inc.
          1. cPanel Inc.'s Bugzilla Bug Tracking System
        5. Assistance from Other Sources
          1. Web Hosting Talk
          2. Third-Party Assistance
          3. Search Engines to the Rescue!
        6. WHM: The Final Words