Preparing and Testing MapServer

A few things need to be set up before using MapServer. There are some differences between operating systems such as the name of your MapServer executable, where files are stored, etc.

MapServer for Windows (MS4W)

Chapter 4 described how to access and install the MS4W package. You might want to look at the MS4W portion of that chapter and review how to start the web server. A custom application will be built later in this chapter, but first you need to understand how MapServer works in the MS4W environment.

MS4W comes with a version of the Apache HTTP web server. The MapServer program is stored in Apache’s cgi-bin folder, the main location for many web programs. If you were compiling your own mapserv.exe file, you install it by copying it into the cgi-bin folder. By default, this folder is located in the \ms4w\Apache\cgi-bin folder on the drive MS4W is installed on (e.g., C: orD:). There may be several versions of MapServer located there. For example, mapserv_36.exe is MapServer Version 3.6 (very out of date) and mapserv_44.exe is the most recent Version 4.4. Usually the more recent version will just be called mapserv.exe.

MapServer on Linux with Apache

Preparing MapServer on Linux is also described in Chapter 4. Installing the MapServer CGI program is similar to how you do so for MS4W. The mapserv executable is simply copied (or linked) to Apache’s cgi-bin folder. For example, on SuSE Linux, the web server’s cgi-bin folder is located at /srv/www/cgi-bin ...

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