Chapter 7: Getting Help with Your Web Presence

In This Chapter

check.png Identifying Internet tasks worth paying for

check.png Finding the right people to help

check.png Assuring that you get what you pay for

check.png Staying in control of it all

If you are feeling a bit overwhelmed with all the steps to follow and tricks and tactics to try while reading this book, try to relax. This is the chapter that will bring you hope and direction in finding help without spending too much too soon. One of the greatest truths of the Internet is that you can start very small, spend just a little, and allow your business to grow steadily and pay for its own growth over time. You get to choose which pieces of the process you want to accomplish on your own versus those functions that are better left to a hired hand (or two).

The struggling economy has forced virtually all Internet marketing services to be commoditized. Tasks that used to be sold for $1,000 or more are now available, for yes, as little as $5! See Fiverr a bit later in this chapter. The key is to understand that no one has ever become a millionaire on the Internet alone. ...

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