Chapter 2: Planning a Mobile Marketing Campaign

In This Chapter

check.png Counting the costs

check.png Using Common Short Codes

check.png Handling opt-ins and opt-outs

The process of thinking things through before you act usually leads to success. You need to set objectives, and you need to calculate the costs of achieving them so that you can decide whether your ideas are financially feasible and achievable before you spend money and time on them.

You also need a plan to reach the members of your audience — both before you contact them using mobile, because of legal issues with permission, and after you have their permission, because of the wide variety of mobile marketing solutions and communication methods available.

The chapter provides strategies for planning your objectives, estimating your financial and time investments, coordinating your use of Short Codes, and inviting people to participate in your mobile marketing programs.

Understanding the Costs of Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing involves both up-front and variable costs that you need to be aware of before you plan and eventually execute your strategy. The following sections explain how to include costs in your plan.

How you absorb these costs ...

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