Chapter 3. Securing a Domain Name and Web Host

In This Chapter

  • Selecting a domain name

  • Registering a domain name

  • Understanding how Web hosting works

  • Choosing a hosting service

A schoolteacher once asked me: "When you talk about 'there' on the Internet, where's 'there?'" I knew immediately what she meant, but I've pondered her question ever since.

If you're still trying to understand "where" your Web site will live when you're ready to share it with the world — and how domain names and Web servers fit into your Web site plans — you've turned to the right chapter. Simply put, a domain name is the address for your Web site, and a Web server (often provided by a hosting service) is a computer with special software that makes it possible for you to publish your site on the Web.

Although many companies offer both domain registration and Web servers, registering a domain name is very different from setting up a server to host your Web site. In this chapter, you find out how these two important aspects of Web development work and how to get the best domain and hosting service for your Web site.

In the first part of this chapter, you discover how domain name registration works, where you can search for domain names to see what's available, and what to do if the name you want is already taken. In the second part of this chapter, you find tips about choosing the best Web server so you can publish your site online.

Whether you're creating a Web site for your business, hobby, or family, you'll want to ...

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