Chapter 10. Testing and Publishing a Web Site

Testing and Publishing a Web Site
  • Testing Web pages in different browsers

  • Using the Dreamweaver link-testing features

  • Publishing a site with a Web server

  • Using the Dreamweaver FTP features

It's a shocking scenario: You create a page design that looks just perfect in your favorite Web browser on your own computer. You publish it on the Internet and tell all your friends. And the next thing you know, your cousin in Iowa and your friends in Brazil are telling you that it looks terrible, the text is unreadable, and your Flash files don't play at all.

Don't let this happen to you. Take time to test your work before you publish the site for the entire world to see so you can make sure that it will work well in all the different Web browsers, operating systems, and monitor sizes that your visitors are likely to use.

Before you "go live" with your site, preview your pages in as many Web browsers as possible to make sure that your site looks the way you intend in the many different browsers in use on the Internet. If you don't have that many browsers on your own computer, don't worry. You can find many tips in this chapter to help you, including a collection of online services where you can test how your site will display in dozens of Web browsers on four different operating systems.

And, as you'll discover in the tasks in this chapter, it's a relatively simple step to use the many Dreamweaver ...

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