Chapter 14. Making Money with Your Site

Making Money with Your Site
  • Signing up for Google AdSense

  • Inserting code into a Web page in Dreamweaver

  • Adding advertising from AdSense to your site

  • Setting up affiliate ads with Commission Junction

  • Selling products and services with PayPal

Question: "How do you make $1 million on the Internet?" Answer: "Invest $10 million."

It's an old joke, but there's still an element of truth in it today. Although you can find many stories about Internet millionaires who became rich with seemingly little effort or investment, the truth is that most good Internet businesses aren't much different from brick-and-mortar ones. You need a product or service that people are interested in, you have to deliver it in a way that's useful and accessible, and you must be able to promote your business so that customers can find you.

Despite the risks involved, many people are making money from their Web sites, by using one of these two primary models:

  • Making money from advertising: You can sell and host ads yourself, or you can sign up for one of the online advertising networks, such as the exceptionally popular Google AdSense. In this chapter, you find step-by-step tasks for creating and integrating advertising using Google AdSense or the affiliate advertising services Commission Junction or LinkShare, which make it easy to add advertisers to your site that pay a commission on any sales generated from ...

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