F.17. Image

stringGets headername for index or false if not defined.
exif_read_data(string filename [, sections_needed [, sub_arrays[, read_thumbnail]]])
arrayReads header data from the JPEG/TIFF image filename and optionally reads the internal thumbnails.
exif_thumbnail(string filename [, &width, &height [, &imagetype]])
stringReads the embedded thumbnail.
exif_imagetype(string imagefile)
intGets the type of an image.
arrayRetrieves information about the currently installed GD library.
imageloadfont(string filename)
intLoads a new font.
imagesetstyle(resource im, array styles)
boolSets the line drawing styles for use with imageline and IMG_COLOR_STYLED.
imagecreatetruecolor(int x_size, int y_size)
resourceCreates a new true color image.
imageistruecolor(resource im)
boolReturns true if the image uses true color.
imagetruecolortopalette(resource im, bool ditherFlag, int colorsWanted)
voidConverts a true color image to a palette-based image with a number of colors, optionally using dithering.
imagecolormatch(resource im1, resource im2)
boolMakes the colors of the palette version of an image more closely match the true color version.
imagesetthickness(resource im, int thickness)
boolSets line thickness for drawing lines, ellipses, rectangles, polygons, and so on.
imagefilledellipse(resource im, int cx, int cy, int w, int h, int color)
boolDraws an ellipse.
imagefilledarc(resource im, int cx, int cy, int w, int h, int s, int ...

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