F.26. ODBC

voidCloses all ODBC connections.
odbc_binmode(int result_id, int mode)
boolHandles binary column data.
odbc_longreadlen(int result_id, int length)
boolHandles LONG columns.
odbc_prepare(resource connection_id, string query)
resourcePrepares a statement for execution.
odbc_execute(resource result_id [, array parameters_array])
boolExecutes a prepared statement.
odbc_cursor(resource result_id)
stringGets cursor name.
odbc_data_source(resource connection_id, int fetch_type)
arrayReturns information about the currently connected data source.
odbc_exec(resource connection_id, string query [, int flags])
resourcePrepares and executes an SQL statement.
odbc_fetch_object(int result [, int rownumber])
objectFetches a result row as an object.
odbc_fetch_array(int result [, int rownumber])
arrayFetches a result row as an associative array.
odbc_fetch_into(resource result_id, array result_array, [, int rownumber])
intFetches one result row into an array.
odbc_fetch_row(resource result_id [, int row_number])
boolFetches a row.
odbc_result(resource result_id, mixed field)
mixedGets result data.
odbc_result_all(resource result_id [, string format])
intPrints result as HTML table.
odbc_free_result(resource result_id)
boolFrees resources associated with a result.
odbc_connect(string DSN, string user, string password [, int cursor_option])
resourceConnects to a datasource.
odbc_pconnect(string DSN, string user, string password [, int cursor_option]) ...

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