30.7. PHP Errors and Troubleshooting

You are sure to encounter problems while coding your PHP scripts. This section provides some guidance on how to best avoid and troubleshoot errors encountered in your scripts.

30.7.1. Use the Right Tools

It's important to use the right tools while coding PHP. First and foremost, use a code-friendly editor. Although any text editor can be used to construct PHP scripts, code-friendly editors offer features such as auto-indenting, syntax highlighting, and regular expression search and replace functions.

Some of the tools in the following lists are Open Source and others are commercial. Most of the commercial applications offer free trial versions. Capabilities between the various editors vary; pick an editor that offers the capabilities you need in the price range that works for you.

Windows users should explore tools such as the following:

Linux users should explore tools such as the following:

Macintosh users should explore tools such as the following:

If you want to use a fully integrated development environment (IDE) or dedicated PHP editor rather than a universal ...

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