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Chapter 9. Migrating from Apache Tomcat
This chapter describes how to migrate three Java EE web applications from Apache Tomcat
7.0.27 to WebSphere Application Server V8.5 Liberty profile. There are several challenges
that are associated with such migrations. One of them is the fact that Tomcat applications are
often built on top of open source frameworks and libraries. The other challenge is that the
development and build environment is often command line-based and uses Ant or Maven
tools with no dependency on any particular Integrated Development Environment (IDE). We
selected two typical Tomcat applications from http://www.sourceforge.net to reflect real
world experience during migration, together with a third application that was written during the
residency to show how to handle the migration of a more challenging application.
This chapter describes the following topics:
򐂰 Introduction
򐂰 Application Migration Tool - Apache Tomcat to WebSphere
򐂰 IBM Redbooks Publications Sample Application
򐂰 MvnForum migration
򐂰 Easy JSP Forum migration
򐂰 Summary

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