302 WebSphere Application Server V8.5 Migration Guide
The Liberty profile server configuration and deployment
When the developer tools are used to make configuration changes, they alter a single XML
file that is called server.xml, which is in the root of the Liberty profile server (by default, this
location is <liberty_home>\usr\servers\<server_name>). The contents of this file should be
similar to the contents shown in Example 9-9, although the file does not include other
applications that might be installed.
Example 9-9 Contents of a Liberty profile server configured to run the MvnForum application
<fileset id="DB2DriverFileset" dir="<DB2_driver_location>" includes="db2jcc4.jar,
<library filesetRef="DB2DriverFileset" id="DB2DriverSharedLibrary"/>
<jdbcDriver id="DB2Driver" libraryRef="DB2DriverSharedLibrary"/>
<dataSource jdbcDriverRef="db2Driver" jndiName="jdbc/dsmvnforum">
<properties.db2.jcc databaseName="MVNFORUM" password="your_password"
<application id="MvnForum" location="MvnForum.war" name="MvnForum" type="war"/>
To run the MvnForum application without using the developer tools, configure the server.xml
file of your server (in our example, server1) to contain the contents listed in Example 9-9.
Extract the MvnForum.war file into <liberty_home>/usr/servers/server1/apps/MvnForum.war
(ensuring that the directory name has “.war” at the end). Start the server by running the
following command:
<liberty_home>/bin/server start server1
9.5.8 Testing the application in the Liberty profile
You are ready to test the application as you tested it when it was deployed to Tomcat.
Log in to the application using the admin user and change the avatar picture and email
address. After that simple test, check the log files; you should not find any errors.
Once again, this test is not a complete test, and it is not used for a production environment,
but it is good enough to know that the application successfully migrated.
9.6 Easy JSP Forum migration
Easy JSP Forum is an open source project that is hosted by SourceForge and licensed under
the terms of the Sun Public License. This license has the approval of the Free Software
Foundation (FSF) as a no charge software license, and by the Open Source Initiative (OSI)
as an open source license. You can modify the application and distribute the source code by
using software under the GPL license. Easy JSP Forum is a J2EE 1.4 application that
demonstrates the capabilities of this platform.

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