Appendix A. Migration questionnaires 429
4. How familiar are your developers with Java EE?
They are experts with a comprehensive knowledge of Java EE.
They are familiar with the various technologies that make up Java EE (such as servlets
and EJBs).
They are not at all familiar with Java EE.
5. Do your developers have any experience using Eclipse for software development?
6. Do your developers have experience using WebSphere Studio for software development?
7. Are there specific education requirements for the development team?
Development methodology
Development methodology questions are as follows:
1. What development methodology is used?
2. How long is a typical development cycle?
3. How frequently are internal releases of the application delivered?
These deliveries include releases for internal testing or user acceptance testing.
4. How frequently are external releases of the application delivered?
5. How often are new versions of application delivered into the production environment?
Build and packaging
Build and packaging questions are as follows:
1. What tools are used to build the application?
Examples: Apache Ant (Ant), make, or none. Provide version information if possible.
2. In what form are packaged applications delivered to the runtime environment? Are
applications packaged as EAR, WAR, or JAR files? Or are they delivered in another form?
3. How are packaged applications delivered to the runtime environment?
4. What mechanisms are in place to deliver the application to the runtime environment? Is
the packaged application delivered through FTP, or by another transport mechanism?
5. What process is followed to deliver the application?
6. How is static content packaged and delivered to the runtime environment?
7. Are installation and configuration scripts included with the packaged application?
Skip this section if you do not use Ant for builds.
1. What version of Ant is used?
2. Does your build process use one or many Ant scripts?
3. What optional Ant tasks do you use as part of your build?

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