Chapter 18. Message-driven beans problem determination 467
ordering is important then you must have messages processed one at a time,
by a single MDB instance. To achieve this behavior, you need to carefully
select the activation specification properties.
See JMS activation specification settings at:
򐂰 MDBs and cluster considerations
For more information, see Section 9.5.2, MDBs and clusters in WebSphere
Application Server V6.1: System Management and Configuration, SG24-7304
18.1.1 Symptoms of a messaging-driven bean problem
Symptoms addressed in this chapter include:
򐂰 A message-driven bean application fails to start.
򐂰 A message-driven bean fails to connect to a messaging engine.
򐂰 A message-driven bean fails to consume messages.
򐂰 A message-driven bean fails during processing.
򐂰 Messages are lost.
18.2 Verify integrity
If you are having problems related to a messaging-driven bean application, do
the following steps before proceeding with problem determination:
򐂰 Verify the MDB application is started.
򐂰 Verify that messages can be sent to the target destination.
򐂰 Verify the MDB is consuming messages.
18.2.1 Verify the MDB application is started
To diagnose the problem, first determine the state of the deployed MDB
application. The simplest method to check the state is using the administrative
1. Select Applications Enterprise Applications.

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