Chapter 2. Web container problem determination 97
򐂰 JSR-000152 JavaServer Pages 2.0 Specification, for issues related to
򐂰 Internationalization: Resources for learning:
For current information available from IBM Support about known issues and
resolutions that are related to encoding, see:
If these steps still do not resolve your problem, see “The next step” on page 99..
2.6 Collect diagnostic data
This section provides guidance for collecting log files and trace data that are
useful in diagnosing Web container problems.
2.6.1 JVM logs
JVM logs, often referred to as SystemOut and SystemErr logs, are created for
every WebSphere Application Server process (application server, cluster
member, node agent, and deployment manager). They can be found in the
following locations:
򐂰 WebSphere Application Server V6.x for IBM z/OS
The JVM logs are located in the address space output. Usually a section
labeled SYSOUT has diagnostic data from the JVM that runs in the servant
򐂰 WebSphere Application Server V6.x (distributed and i5/OS)
The JVM log files are by default named SystemOut.log and SystemErr.log.
The default location for the SystemOut and SystemErr logs is:
The location of application server logs is configurable.
1. Select Troubleshooting Logs and Trace in the navigation bar.
2. Click the server name.
3. Select JVM logs.

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