702 WebSphere Business Integration Adapters
The pick activity waits for an incoming message and selects a path
appropriate to the first message received. A time-based path can be
configured to manage situations where no message is received. A
partner link is associated with each message path.
The staff activity delegates a task within the process to a human. The
user interface in this case is either a custom application based on the
process choreographer API or the web client provided that comes with
WebSphere Business Integration Server Foundation.
The transformer activity maps the contents of one or more message
types to the contents of another.
The assign activity copies information from one part of the process to
The switch activity evaluates the conditions on a series of control paths
and follows the first one which matches.
The while activity repeats the activities which it contains as long as a
condition is met.
The wait activity stops the process until a point in time has occurred or
a time interval has elapsed.
The sequence activity defines a serial control path within a process.
The flow activity defines a potentially parallel control path within a
The terminate activity stops the process immediately without
performing any compensation or fault handling. The behavior of this
activity depends on the location within the process.
The throw activity signals that an error has occurred. This is typically
handled by a fault handler element associated with a higher level of
process structure.
Activity Description
Chapter 30. Adding human interaction using WebSphere BI Server Foundation 703
Figure 30-72 shows the Invoke activity. You can see the small icon on the right,
which you choose in the activity palette, is the same as the small upper center of
the icon that appears on the process area.
Figure 30-72 Palette icons
30.3.5 Tasks
In the following sections, we show you how to complete some of the most
common tasks to get you started.
Creating a new business process
To create a new business process:
1. Switch to the Business Integration Perspective.
2. Create a Service project by selecting File New Service Project from
the main menu.
3. Select this newly created Service project and click File New Business
The empty element does nothing. It can be used as a placeholder
during process design, and then changed to the appropriate activity
when the process is implemented.
Java code can be embedded into the process using the JavaSnippet
activity. While it is possible to embed business logic into this type of
activity it is not advisable, as it removes the clarity of the process
modelling. Snippets are designed to perform lightweight utility activities
such as data mapping.
Tip: You can change the activity type by right-clicking the activity in the
process editor and selecting Change Type. Use this facility with caution,
however, because changing the type of a structured activity (such as
sequence or flow) deletes the contents of that block.
Activity Description
Activity icon as seen in
the process area
Icon chosen from
palette to produce
this activity
704 WebSphere Business Integration Adapters
4. In the New Business Process window, specify a package and a name for the
new process, and click Next.
5. In the Choose Process Type window, choose from the following BPEL
process options:
Flow-based Use this setting if you want control dictated by control
Sequence-based Use this setting if you want your process controlled by
structured activities.
6. Click Finish.
These steps create a process and launch that process in a new process editor. A
few files are generated that you can view in the Services view. The file with the
BPEL extension contains the code that describes this process, and the WSDL
file describes the service interface.
Creating a partner link
To create a partner link:
1. In the Partner Links area on the canvas, click the plus icon.
2. Give the partner link an appropriate name.
3. Click the Implementation tab in the Details area.
Figure 30-73 shows where you can find these fields and icons in the editor.
Figure 30-73 Create and name a new partner link
Figure 30-74 on page 705 shows the fields in the Implementation tab of the
new partner link.
Type name in either
Click PLUS
to create a
new partner
Implementation tab

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